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Silver Anniversary Celebration Ideas
Posted on: Jun 10, 2010

25 years have gone by since you or someone you love formed a bond of a lifetime. A quarter of century is a long time and it is most natural to feel nostalgic and euphoric at the same time. After all, it is the celebration of more than two decades of togetherness and a love that has matured over time.
Wedding Flowers
Flowers used in a wedding can range from natural to artificial flowers to handmade flowers. Seasonal blossoms are the best choice for weddings. So, on one hand rich, vibrant coloured flowers are better in the spring and on the other dark coloured flowers are suitable for weddings that take place in the fall season. For summer weddings, the modern day flower are roses of many kinds.
Silver Anniversary Theme
A very good 25th wedding anniversary celebration idea is a theme based event. The theme could be based on the colour silver. Everything from the dress code to the decorations should be decked in silver colour and articles. One idea for doing the same is to put silver glitter on flowers, cards, centerpieces, gift wrap, balloons, etc. Even so, the jewelry used should be as per the theme of the party. The guest invitations should be framed keeping the same in mind.

Music and Games in a 25th Anniversary Party
The music can include songs that last from the time of marriage to the present day and played in that order. The story of the couple's life can be played as a slide show with the important landmarks in their life right from their individual childhoods. In fact, games can be played keeping the musical compositions in mind. To set a good mood in an anniversary celebration, the games organised should be based on couples.

Some More Ideas for the Anniversary Party
Another thing that can do wonders in making the party a success is a recording and keeping memories for a long time. This can be done by taking a camcorder around and have people tape their wishes or a special remembrance of the couple.

There are many ways to add to the special feel of the occasion. This includes exchanging wedding vows once again to taking a cruise or a short holiday that ends in a wedding anniversary party.
For someone who wants to keep things economical and simple, common gift ideas like flowers, chocolates, decoratives also work as an anniversary gift. A bouquet of 25 flowers, all of different colours or variety is another great gift for a marriage anniversary celebration


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